This ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ actress had the PERFECT reply to a HATE comment on an image!

People seemingly just like to blow things out of proportion..

We come across multiple instances on how actors these days are the subject of a lot of hate and negative comments from multiple fans on social media for the most random things at times.

It certainly seems that everything that an actor does on social media is under unwanted scrutiny, and the same is blown out of proportion for no reason whatsoever.

The same thing happened recently, when actress Shikha Singh aka Aaliya from Kumkum Bhagya posted an image was the subject of hate from a person. What seemed like a normal fun image of the actress with her pet dog was somehow found to be ‘inappropriate’ by a person, who posted about the same.

I mean really, just how was this picture inappropriate is not understandable, and we are glad Shikha replied aptly.


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