Ranveer Singh Wants Zoya Akhtar to make a movie with Kapil Sharma

Fans across the country are celebrating the comeback of their favorite comedian and week on week, there are instances of fans showing their affection for Kapil in the most interesting manner. We have heard of some crazy fan stories, but this time around Kapil was left speechless by one such fan.

Akash, a stand-up comedian and a die-hard fan from Gujarat, was overwhelmed when he saw his idol perform live. He revealed on the show that he has been pursuing a stand-up career back home and he"s here to meet his idol and inspiration – Kapil Sharma. Akash also revealed a huge tattoo on his bicep that read “Kapil Sharma” in Devanagari script and this left the sharp witted comedian rather tongue tied. Kapil also mentioned that once his wife had asked him if she can get a tattoo done with his name, to which Kapil had outrightly denied.

Akash was spotted in the audience by Kapil while he was waving a poster of Zoya Akhtar"s upcoming film Gully Boy but the twist was “Funny Boy” replaced “Gully Boy” and Ranveer Singh"s photo was replaced with Kapil"s. Kapil was rather amused with this and he added “Thank You Yaar, meri toh film aati nai hai aise hi maza le lete hai.” However, Kapil was not the only one vowed by this gesture. Ranveer Singh was bowled over by this too and he was heard saying that he will be calling Zoya right after the shoot asking her to make Funny Boy with Kapil in the lead, added a source.


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