Watch the show for the MASTERCLASS of acting i.e. Deven Bhojani

The actor justifies the saying of ‘an actor is just like a chameleon.’

In the past several years, we have been blessed with viewing some of the best actors that films and television have to offer. However, seldom do we come across actors like Deven Bhojani. The actor currently stars in recently launched Sab TV’s Bhakharwadi and this piece is a testament to the fine craftsman that the actor has been for over three decades now.

Initial Brilliance

At a tender age, we are fortunate to see little Deven Bhojani play the character of Nitya in of Malgudi Days’ initial episodes. Of course, no one knew that the actor will go on to become the stalwart that he is today, but Deven left a huge mark with his role in the series right away. This was followed by a fantastic supporting role in the cult comedy show, Dekh Bhai Dekh. Had it not been for the innocent and adorable Karima, Diwan family wouldn’t have been the same, right?

Only Got Better

The actor was noted best for his acting assignments later where he played memorable roles in shows like Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka, Hum Sab Ek Hain, Office Office and even a recurring role in Khichdi. Even though he was amongst the supporting cast members in some of them, we could just sit back and marvel a the actor’s ability to transform into anything at all.

The Best

His best time, at least for the viewers, came in with his debut directorial show, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai where he also played the lovable idiot, Dushyant. We all know the kind of cult show Sarabhai went on to become along with how amazing and lovingly annoying Dushyant is for us.

But, it was his character of Gattu in the long-running Baa Bahoo Aur Baby that made the actor a household name. He played a mentally challenged yet adorable Gattu, who, if you would remember also brought tears to the viewer’s eyes with his emotional tracks.

Notable Characters

Post Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, I as a viewer, had one major complaint. That was how minimal I could see of Deven in the many shows. Even though he played leading roles in Mrs. Tendulkar and Bh Se Bhade, there was so little of Deven Bhojani’s master act at display. And, the millennials who may have not seen much of his act should not miss Bh Se Bhade and Baa Bahoo Aur Baby to have an idea of the same.

He Is Back

I was extremely glad to see Deven in a full-fledged and almost leading character in the recently launched Bhakarwadi. After catching a few episodes in the initial days, I realised and couldn’t help but gaze upon the fine actor that he is. A Gujarati himself and having done Gujarati roles over the years, he has eased into this role of a Maharashtrian, Gopal Krishna Gokhale with such precision that you forget that he is not a Marathi speaking man himself. Fine actors are usually referred to chameleons in metaphors and any metaphor would be an understatement to define Deven Bhojani’s act not only in Bhakarwadi but also over the years.

We should be proud and feel fortunate that we get to see Deven still displaying his acting abilities after excelling for over three decades.


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