Kulfi gets eliminated from the competition in Kullfi Kumar Bajewala

The ongoing track of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is high on drama as Kulfi is shocked to see Sikandar supporting Amyra, and not her. On the other hand, Amrya is trying all possible ways to get Kulfi out of her way.

Kulfi and her group give their best by signing a very melodious and emotional song, but one of the judges turns a hurdle for Kulfi’s victory.

Pandit, who is arrogant and selfish, fails to digest Kulfi’s talent and thus he gives zero marks to Kulfi and her group.

However, the audience supports Kulfi and the other two judges also support her. Kulfi feels helpless when Pandit doesn’t want her to get selected for the final round.

Kulfi wants to win the show to win the prize money and manage her life with her friends but seems like it’s going to get really tough for her.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Kulfi gets eliminated from the show.


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