Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Shantani likes Guddan

The episode starts with Shantani coming. Dadi says we welcome you in this house. They all does her arti one by one. Shantani says your DILs don’t know how to do anything. Laxmi didn’t wash my feet right. Durga and Saru don’t know anything at all. This saru gave gangajal from right hand. She says you are responsible for all this bhabi. Guddan comes. She is scared. Shantani says your lenience has made it like this. I gave you the responsibility of this house. Guddan says bua ji. Spend time here. You will see the manners of this house. Dadi says this is AJ’s wife and my DIL.

Guddan does Shantani’s arti. Guddan says touch her feet DILs. She traveled so long and you couldn’t welcome her? Guddan says I am sorry on her behalf. Bua ji gives her blessings. See says you made me happy. You deserve this house. She says to Dadi see her how she handles her DIL. I wanted to be part of AJ’s wedding but I couldn’t. She says to DILs learn from her. She knows MIL isn’t a friend. A MIL has to be strict.

Guddan says to DILs in the kitchen I am sorry for being so rude. We have to do this acting. Dadi says keep it up. Guddan says I can’t act for so long. Durga says she will be very angry if she finds out you are pretending.

Guddan takes juice for Shantani. AJ looks at her and laughs. Shantani comes and sits with AJ. Guddan says your breakfast. Shantani says AJ you have the best wife. No one could be better than her for this house.
Guddan comes to room. AJ laughs. Se says this isn’t easy. I can’t do this for long. She tries to fix her saree. AJ helps her with it. He ties it for her.


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